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Hit-and-run a possibility in fatal motorcycle accident

A motorcycle accident victim was left dead on the road after an accident on January 10, which may have been a hit-and-run, according to initial reports. The accident occurred in the early morning hours, at about 6:20 a.m., on Highway 580.

The exact cause of this motorcycle accident was not immediately known, and in the early aftermath of the crash law enforcement officials were still searching for at least one party that may have been involved. According to the reports, after the motorcyclist crashed on the highway and landed in a traffic lane it appears that he was struck by at least one vehicle, an SUV, while another car reportedly attempted to swerve around the motorcyclist and then left the scene of the accident. The SUV in question had also been struck by another vehicle, a BMW. The drivers of the SUV and the BMW both stopped at the accident site, but officials from the California Highway Patrol were still searching for the third vehicle in the first hours and day after the crash.

The accident closed traffic on the highway right in the midst of rush hour. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. There were no initial details reported about the motorcyclist's identity.

Being involved in an accident of any kind can be nerve-racking, but leaving the scene is never a good idea. Besides the fact that criminal charges could result, in any civil lawsuit that occurs in connection with an accident leaving the scene would weigh heavily on the issue of liability. The authorities conducting the accident investigation are probably very interested to hear what the driver who left the scene of the accident has to say.

Source: NBC Bay Area, "Motorcyclist Killed in Apparent Oakland Hit-and-Run," Jan. 10, 2014

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